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Diminished Value – Not At Fault Drivers Insurance Claim

If you were involved in a car accident and were not at fault, the insurance company of the person that hit you owes you money Get a report today and get the money they owe you back. If your car is over 10 years old or over 100,000 miles you qualify for a tax deduction at fault or not at fault.

At Fault Drivers- The Loss is Tax Deductible

The Loss is Tax Deductible. If you were at fault in a car accident you sustained significant loss. We are here to help. The loss sustained to your vehicle is tax deductible. Even if you crashed up to 3 years ago. Get the money you lost back with our report.

Not at fault Diminished Value Appraisal Report will Include:

  • Insurance demand letter
  • Supporting Legal Documents
  • Market Analysis of comparable vehicles
  • Pre- Accident Value
  • Follow up Letters
  • Post-Accident Value
  • Loss in Value Amount

At Fault Tax Report will include:

  • CPA Prepared Depreciation Value Report
  • Supporting Legal Documents
  • Market Analysis of comparable vehicles
  • Pre- Accident Value
  • IRS Instruction Form
  • Post-Accident Value
  • Loss in Value Amount

What is a Diminished value appraisal?

Our diminished value report is custom tailored for the individual it is a combination of your vehicle accident information including your personal information, the facts about your accident and then finally the meat and potatoes of the diminished value appraisal is filled with comparable vehicles in your area which are the same as yours, standard industry book values, auction values, dealer values for buying and selling which include the use of JD Power, BlackBook, NADA, Edmunds, KBB, Manheim auction, Vauto, CarFax and/or Autocheck which give us the framework for determining the difference in sales value. We also factor year, make, model, additional equipment, mileage and repair report. The diminished value calculation based on pre- accident market value amount and post-repair market value.
Anyone who knows the industry knows that you must look at a combination of actual damage vs. dealer and market perspective to arrive to a value.

As we all know a cars suffers diminished value no matter how small the accident since it is a stigma that occurs with the fact that the car has had an accident.

We understanding the frustration that comes with dealing with the insurance company and for this purpose are determined to provide you with the most accurate 10 pages diminution value appraisal report.

Diminished Value: The biggest secret in the insurance industry

Are you aware what diminished value is? Well, knowing such things is very essential, especially to those people who are in the insurance industry. It is really a must for them to know more about such thing in order to get hold of progress and success of their own company.

What is Diminished Value?

If you have been exposed in auto accident, you need to know your rights. You are given the chance to check your diminished value from your insurance company. Diminished value is known to be the automatic loss of value in a certain collision of your vehicle. Almost every car or vehicle that has been destroyed may be entitled for this diminished value.
Most of the insurance companies are aware that almost 55% of the consumers are not buying car from them especially if the car had been exposed in an accident. It had been also estimated that 81% of consumers are not choosing wreck vehicles unless they are given large discounts by the company. Our survey with regards to this matter is continuously increasing in this past few years. This is due to the fact that insurance companies are not anymore acknowledging consumer rights with regards to their diminished value.

Is diminished value a fact or fiction? Well, this is a certain question that discourages consumer to try recovering the diminished value of their vehicles. We are always against such concerns since huge numbers of applicants in such type of situations are not aware with the compensation they may be acquiring from their diminished value.
Insurance companies acts as your adversaries especially when they reward their adjusters through minimizing their settlements. When demand for your diminished value is made, most of the insurance companies are denying your diminished value. Some of these companies are just giving adjusters scripts in order to lower their claims value. Applicants need to always spare time and effort to support their claims through an expert evaluation in order to make sure that your diminished value will not be affected.

Diminished Value Claim Calculator

Do not allow yourself to be easily fooled by imitators. This could cost you too much and waste of time and money. Are you in search for a diminished value calculator that will provide you precise estimates of the things you might acquire upon winning a settlement? Well, after finding the best website that can provide you diminished value claim calculator, the only thing you need to consider is more about their interest in helping you out? Are they willing to spit out with a certain interest in order to represent the maximum value you deserve?

The site that will be giving you an estimated diminished value is not primarily controlled by the insurance industry. This provides you inaccurate figure that is derived from the formula of Kelley Blue Book adjusted for those rough damage estimates. This is beneficial for insurance company but not for your own sake. If you are already gunning for too much, you will probably delay your settlement or even doesn’t get your diminished value at all.

Our company will review your expenses with your vehicle repair especially to the extent of its damage. We will immediately determine the appropriate diminished value that is right for you. We will present things that we’ve found out to you as well as to your insurance company with precise and clear details. We will also present market data in order to support your case. We will not leave you alone in a difficult situation since we are here to best help you ion fighting for your diminished value rights. We can also help you in defending yourself with an argument as to why you deserve to acquire an amount our company has come up with.

Do not let yourself be fooled by other computer generated type of formula since this might just provide you either high or low estimates with your diminished value without even supporting precise information for the success of your claim. Your insurance adjuster will always want you to create a method that can be used in determining successful figure you are seeking for. The great difference in between the diminished value claim settlement that had been already won by our company and the things you are seeing with a random diminished value calculator is completely different. Mistakes with such situations needs to be corrected hence we are here to help you out with such concerns.

Diminished Value Formula

When Georgia Supreme Court affirmed the right of the policyholder to recover their diminished value, the court is primarily instructed by State Farm to create their own methodology wherein diminished value will be accurately measured. This is the reason why State Farm comeback with their ultra conservative type of formula which is the 17c. That time the court provides them limited approval to make use of the formula. Formula 17c was the considered to an essential key on the absence of verifiable and good documents that can support the case.

With the successful results of the 17c formula, huge numbers of insurance companies had already embraced such type of formula. This is in connection to the success it emphasizes in providing payouts claims of diminished value in a clear and effective way. As of today, there are already huge numbers of advocate pretenders who are making use of such type of formula not only for their own advantages but also for their applicant’s claims.

Some of the discounted diminished value pretenders charged little amount for the overly inflated formula based appraisals. These have been rejected by most of the insurance companies as well as courts since it provides an additional burden to those car owners who are claiming for their diminished value. Instant formula that serves as additional burden for the claimants are useless since it allows them to prevent prosecution frauds.

We make sure that we can best help you in claiming your rights with your diminished value. We provide precise and clear data and information that will not be rejected by courts and insurance companies. With the formula, method and approach that we are going to make use of, we are guarantying all claimants that we can help them in acquiring their diminished value that is right for them.